The ADKAR® Model

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Across all businesses/companies/organizations change must be made continuously for growth and improvement’s sake. It is unfortunate that many organizations are resistant to change. New processes that are poorly implemented and communicated often lead to employee frustration, stress and distrust. The solution to this is a people-oriented plan which would help the employees to succeed in a business operations transition. There are Change Management methods like the ADKAR® model which is designed to manage the people aspect of implementing change throughout the organization. Implementing the ADKAR model can take the team’s performance to the next level. The best Change Management consulting firms are adopting the ADKAR® model.

In the year 2003, Jeff Hiatt developed the ADKAR® model which particularly enables change at an individual level, and is an element of a larger Change Management methodology. ADKAR® is an acronym which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.

  • Awareness

The very first step in any Change Management process is to generate awareness for that change. The individuals in the team must understand what the change is, why is it required, and the dangers of not changing.

  • Desire

The second step is to kindle a desire for change in employees by the change practitioners. The team in the organization should be motivated so that they willingly support the change.

  • Knowledge

The employees need to have the knowledge, skills, tools and processes to change. Without all of these, they will not be able to make progress. For Change Management to be effective the workers need to acquire the knowledge to change and the knowledge to execute and perform after that change.

  • Ability

It is with one’s ability that an individual can translate knowledge into action. This is the stage where the employees must turn their learning into a practical application via coaching, training and support.

  • Reinforcement

This is the final stage of the Change Management process where the change must be sustained. At this stage, reinforcement is critical and it can include rewards and recognition, as well as internal satisfaction.

Change for any organization is not easy, which is why the ADKAR® framework is very valuable. Also, the best Change Management consulting firms adopt it too. Here are a few pros of using this model:-

  • It’s an out-of-the-box solution

For all those companies looking out for ready-made recipes for change, this model makes for an excellent choice.

  • It’s a practical and non-theoretical approach to Change Management

There are many frameworks of Change Management which merely describe group psychology or organizational change. These kinds of theoretical approaches might be useful but they are very difficult to apply. ADKAR® model being a practical one is easy to apply and has a huge success rate.

  • It has undergone extensive field-testing

ADKAR® is one of the most accepted, popular and widely used change models, which is a testament to its success. This model has been around for a while and is definitely here to stay.

The process of Change Management requires the top-level management to effectively communicate with all the tiers of an organization to ensure that everyone is on the same page. By making use of the ADKAR® model the business leaders have a very clear 5-step plan which helps them to implement Change Management effectively. ProClipse is one of the best Change Management consulting firms that adopt the ADKAR® model to help you make your business better and more successful.

Written By ProClipse Consulting Team Member