ProvenChange Management Methodology

An organized and systematic process that provides a clear and logical outline for approaching Change Management tasks, processes, or systems. It consists of defined components, steps, or stages to guide you in a methodical manner, ensuring a systematic approach to problem-solving, decision-making, or any other activity.

Organizations need to undergo continuous change and evolution to thrive.  Successful change requires organizations to equally prioritize the human side, ensuring that each individual not only understands but also embraces and adopts the proposed changes.

For over 25 years, Prosci has been engaged in comprehensive change research. The focus has been on understanding how individuals undergo and react to change, alongside analyzing the strategies employed by change leaders worldwide.



80% of Fortune 100 companies trust Prosci’s capability to enable growth & realization of goals pertinent to Change Management solutions based on holistic, research-based, easy-to-use tools, methodologies and services. Over 100,000 Change Management practitioners have been certified by Prosci.

The Prosci Methodology stands out as one of the most globally embraced approaches to change management, enjoying widespread usage, and it remains in a state of continual evolution.

The 2021 updated Prosci Methodology is now more actionable and accessible, and these improvements will significantly enhance our success in remarkable ways.


Following on +25 years of research on best practices, the Prosci Change Management Methodology was formulated. When practiced & applied, this Prosci Methodology facilitates individuals in navigating the shift from the current state to the desired future state, fostering a method that consistently results in successful project outcome whereby individuals are successfully encouraged to embrace, adopt and utilize a required change. 


The Prosci Methodology

The Prosci Methodology stands as one of the most globally adopted approaches to change management, and its evolution remains ongoing. In acknowledgment of practitioner feedback, evolving customer requirements, and in anticipation of future change trends, the Prosci Methodology was refreshed in 2021. The update is characterized by increased practicality and accessibility that will significantly enhance client success in remarkable ways.

While the Prosci Methodology encompasses a diverse range of models, tools, assessments, processes, and more, it consists of three primary components.

  • PCT Model: A straightforward yet effective framework for establishing and interlinking the critical elements of a successful change initiative to promotes project health by providing a structure that covers the four critical aspects of realizing successful change.
  • ADKAR® Model: Pilots individuals’ endeavor to navigate to their desired transition.
  • The Prosci 3-Phase Process: Propels change at the Organizational level.

The Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model is a framework that illustrates the four essential elements of any successful change effort and their interconnected nature.

Success being at the center of the PCT represents a shared & aligned definition between Leadership/Sponsorship, Project Management and Change Management

The Prosci Methodology is structured to be both repeatable & flexible:

  • Structured: The Prosci Methodology organizes all the people, change and results inputs into a simple process that is applicable to develop Change Management strategies & plans and increase adoption and usage on any of your initiatives.
  • Scalable and adaptable: The adaptability and flexibility of the Prosci Methodology make it applicable for achieving success in various types of changes, where the outcomes hinge on adoption and usage. It can be flexed to any organization regardless of its size or type. 

Ready toStart Applying the Prosci Methodology on Your Change Initiative?

Participate in Prosci's Change Management Practitioner Certification Program and become a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. This immersive and dynamic 3-day learning experience equips you with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to effectively lead change in your organization.

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Nataliya Wiedemeyer

Engaging and dynamic training with an outstanding trainer Catherine Jeha. A great experience and intensive learning with ProClipse Consulting.


Nataliya Wiedemeyer

Founder - GRAVITEAMS Management Consulting
Ankita Dawlee

Thank you Catherine Jeha & ProClipse Consulting for an engaging three days Change Practitioner Program. I have built great insights and perspective on Change Management. I am excited to apply the knowledge, tools and resources I have gained to my next projects.


Ankita Dawlee

Technical Product Owner - Emirates
Elissar Hajj

Excellent Change Management consultants who helped us transform businesses. We highly recommend working with ProClipse for all your business transformation needs.


Elissar Hajj

Managing Director - Comma Hub
Amjad Amearah

You & your Team imparted a methodology for change which we used during our restructuring process; you helped us as well monitor the progress of this initiative. I would be very happy to work with you again and would certainly recommend you to any company who is planning to make a meaningful change in its governance. Your Team have the passion and energy to drive change within any organization.


Amjad Amearah

Deputy CEO - Unifood - Saudi Arabia
Mohammad Ramadan

Your contribution, advice & support during the transformation stage of Virgin Megastore – KSA was instrumental in helping the team pace and transition through the period of change. The support we got evolving the business model and implementing e-commerce as a successful platform enabled us to have a faster turnaround during the COVID 19 period. Thank you


Mohammad Ramadan

CEO - Virgin Megastore Saudi Arabia
Amal Al Halyan

The logistics of registration, home-delivery of course materials till attending last day of the course went so smoothly and professionally. The course instructor is exceptional. I am already recommending the course to my colleagues and friends. I enjoyed the learning experience and certainly looking forward for another training by ProClipse.


Amal Al Halyan

HSE Advisor Behavior Change - ADNOC Group
Enrique D'rozario

Thank you ProClipse Consulting for organizing the training in a professional and comfortable setting. Thank you Catherine Jeha for this extensive and seamless training.


Enrique D'rozario

Change Analyst - First Abu Dhabi Bank
Varun Malhotra

I Really enjoyed this journey. Engaging content and some fresh perspectives. Managing Change in a disruptive environment can be methodical, rational and based on a science- and builds on the intuition too! Thank you Prosci and ProClipse Consulting and a special thanks to Catherine Jeha our instructor!


Varun Malhotra

Head of Strategy & Business Excellence - Jamal Al-Ghurair Group of Companies
Jerrin Easow

We live in a world of continuous change, and one should have the ability to manage organizational or personal change effectively. This course was comprehensive and intense. The course material, the examples and the assignment during the session enable practical learning. Thank you, ProClipse Consulting, for making this dream come true! Thank you, Catherine Jeha, for this wonderful training experience in Change Management.


Jerrin Easow

Change Manager - Dubai Holding

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