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  • PROCLIPSE CONSULTING FZ LLC” owns & maintains (Site).
  • United Arab of Emirates (UAE) is our country of domicile”. The governing law is the local law. All disputes arising in connection therewith shall be heard only by a court of competent jurisdiction in the U.A.E.
  • ‘’Visa or MasterCard or American Express cards and other debit and credit cards in AED will be accepted for payment.’’
  • ‘’We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and sanctioned countries in accordance with the law of UAE.’’
  • ‘’Customer using the website who are Minor /under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website.’’
  • ‘’Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.’’
  • ‘’User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account.’
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  • We do not represent, warrant, or guarantee that this website, email, or Material is free of computer viruses or any other defects or interference or interception. The Material does not constitute legal, accounting, or other professional advice. While all reasonable care has been taken in its preparation, ProClipse Consulting FZ LLC does not make any express or implied representations or warranties as to the completeness, currency, reliability, or accuracy of any Material on the website or email. The Material should not be used or relied upon as a basis for formulating business decisions or in substitution of professional advice or the exercise of independent judgment.
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  • To the extent permitted by law, ProClipse Consulting FZ LLC excludes all liability for any claims, loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with the website, email, or Material.
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Payment Confirmation

Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Upon receipt of your order, the services will be performed to you in accordance with the terms applicable to the services that you purchased. The nature of the services you purchased, the date of your purchase and the duty hours at ProClipse Consulting may impact the timing of performance of the services. The services will be deemed to be successfully delivered to you upon the performance of the services.

The delivery will include a Single-User License. There will be no additional copyright privileges entitlement other than the individual license privileges. Please read your license privileges properly. All rights reserved.


Cancellation, Refund & Transfer Policy

Please refer to our Cancellation, Refund & Transfer Policy (Available here)

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