Customized Transformational Change Management Solutions

Whether you're spearheading or executing changes in your evolving organizational landscape, ProClipse Consulting has a solution tailored to meet your requirements.

Solutions for Organizations


ProClipse Consulting is dedicated solely to Change Management, offering a curated selection of specialized complementary services. Our exclusive partnership with Prosci®, a leading authority in the Change Management industry with over 25 years of research and best practices, ensures a wealth of knowledge. We prioritize establishing a trusted partner relationship, aiming for successful outcomes in collaboration with our clients.

The ProClipse Advisory Services team stands apart from traditional industry consultants due to our exclusive focus on change. Comprising top-level talent with leadership experience in driving change across diverse industries, our highly qualified team offers:

  • Local Proficiency: Expertise in both local country specific and regional projects, ensuring adaptability to diverse contexts with deeply rooted understanding of each specific Middle East country’s cultural differences and norms.     
  • Global Reach: Access to a Prosci’s Global Affiliate Network of advisors, facilitating a comprehensive and well-informed approach to change initiatives ensuring extended market specific projects & diverse contexts and cultural knowledge beyond the Middle East.     
  • Leadership Excellence: Demonstrating top-level talent and leadership experience in navigating change across major industries.     
  • Budget Management Acumen: Experience in overseeing project budgets spanning at all scales, showcasing our financial management expertise.

We partner with you to pinpoint strategic projects and we work alongside your Change Management Practitioners, fostering the development of your team's capabilities. ProClipse Consulting Advisory Services encompass consulting, coaching, and workshops, providing a tailored approach that aligns with your organization's distinct needs.     


Solutions for Individuals


You are the Catalyst for Successful Change, Steer Your Career Towards Successful Change


When leading a critical project, overseeing change in your department or organization, or aspiring to advance your career as a change practitioner, Prosci offers tailored Solutions for Individuals.

Built on the esteemed ADKAR® Model by Prosci®, our immersive Change Management training, complemented by a suite of tools, methodologies, and resources, equips you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively drive both immediate and enduring change.

Where to start?

Whether you are new to Change Management or have extensive experience in working on change projects, drive your own career path:

STEP 1: Achieve Certification as a Change Leader

Our engaging and memorable training experiences not only provide you with the essential Change Management capabilities for significant projects but also enhance your position as a change leader within your organization.

STEP 2: Chart Your Course for Career Advancement

Nurture your confidence in Change Management and stand out in the competitive job market with programs designed for managers, sponsors, and other roles. Kickstart your journey with our comprehensive Change Management Certification Program available in engaging, interactive virtual and in-person formats.

STEP 3: Cultivate Change Management Competence Across Your Organization

As business priorities evolve rapidly, the demand for effective change management is increasing. Assist your organization in achieving success in critical projects while strengthening enterprise change capability.

Get Access to

  • Proven Change Management methods and tools
  • Tailored coaching, advising and career development
  • Advanced Change Management Mastery Model
  • Everything you need to apply Change Management to your projects and initiatives

change-champion.jpg Check out our Change Champion Academy. A tailor-made program to help you build you on your specific project by having a direct access to our specialized senior advisors while gaining the knowledge needed on specific project.

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change"
Stephan Hawking

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