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Great minds may think alike but they also thrive on discussing ideas. The idea that brought us together was based on our shared passion for the power of transformation. The idea that a people-centric approach could define the success of any organizational change project in a cathartic or painful way depending solely on one’s method.

Merging our collective years of experience into a treasure trove of expertise to emphasize on the people side of Change Management almost felt like a vocation, one that felt natural to follow. With the goal to pave a path that inspires organizations in the region to embrace a more humanistic approach in their transformational endeavors, we are committed BELIEVERS in Change and People, dedicated to lead every project we take on to success.

With a clearly set agreement based on transparent, specific milestones, measurable, actionable metrics and transferable knowledge that you can use to evaluate the impact of our collaboration, we can guarantee that your organizational change journey with us will be the most valuable, long-term investment you can make.

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"Our team’s dedication & expertise guarantees the success of your must-win Projects & your Strategic initiatives."

Talal I. El-Assaad

The Core TeamBehind ProClipse Consulting


Catherine Jeha: Change Management Enablement Expert


Head of Training & Development

Talal I. El Assaad

Talal I. El-Assaad: Specialized Change Management Expertise

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Senior Enterprise Change Management Specialist

Loren Trad

Loren Trad - Education Through Innovative Learning

Learning & Education Specialist


Lukas Mackevicius: Empowering Change Management Deployment


Senior Strategic ECM Deployment Lead

Racha Kabbani

Racha Kabbani: Change Management Professional

Marketing Specialist

Frank Nyadwe

Frank Nyadwe - Driving Change Management Digital Training

Training Manager

Change Management Analyst


Bill Allam: Guiding Change Management Success

Senior Change Management Specialist


Our Passionate Change Deployment team consists of a multi-industry deployment Prosci® Certified Change Practitioners with various experience levels (1-3, 4-7 & over 8) and multiple specific industry knowledge (Culture, Communication, Digital Transformation, Finance, Human Resources and much more).

All ProClipse Consulting’s team members are well versed and experienced in applying the Prosci®  Change Management methodology, tools and processes.


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