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OverviewWho is ProClipse Consulting?

Great minds may think alike but they also thrive on discussing ideas. The idea that brought us together was based on our shared passion for the power of transformation. The idea that a people-centric approach could define the success of any organizational change project in a cathartic or painful way depending solely on one’s method.

Merging our collective years of experience into a treasure trove of expertise to emphasize on the people side of Change Management almost felt like a vocation, one that felt natural to follow. With the goal to pave a path that inspires organizations in the region to embrace a more humanistic approach in their transformational endeavors, we are committed Believers in Change and People, dedicated to lead every project we take on to success. 

With a clearly set agreement based on transparent, specific milestones, measurable, actionable metrics and transferable knowledge that you can use to evaluate the impact of our collaboration, we can guarantee that your organizational change journey with us will be the most valuable, long-term investment you can make.

Delivering Project Results Workshop

Why ChooseProClipse Consulting?

The actions we take today shape the successes we yield tomorrow. 

With a clear vision, an impeccable strategy and the right support system, the organizational changes you once envisioned can be made into a reality. 

This is where we come in: advice, tools, methodology, training, and support. We will be your partner throughout your organization’s transformational journey, thus gaining a considerable long-term advantage.

In the dynamic landscape of business, success hinges on the ability to embrace and navigate change continually.

Recognizing this, ProClipse Consulting, acting as an extended arm of Prosci,  stands as a steadfast ally, dedicated to ensuring that organizations unlock the full benefits of change by actively engaging every employee throughout the entire change journey—before, during, and after the transformation.

ProClipse uses the Prosci tools and methodologies to uniquely prioritize the people side of change, understanding that real success is achieved when individuals are reached and empowered.

Our partnership with Prosci®, the global leaders of the Change Management discipline, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the Middle East, country by country specific cultures, processes and norms, reflects our commitment to deliver the highest standards.

WhatMakes Us Special

Middle East Specific Knowledge

We have been solely focused on the Change Management discipline as a business enabler in the middle East since 2011.

Global Experience

Our experience expands since 2011 across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and of course the Middle East

Tailored Solutions

We don’t believe in 1 size fits all advisory solutions. We tailor our solutions to our client’s needs and benefits. We only represent and collaborate with the best providers to apply programs in supporting our clients’ realization of their unique benefits.

Recognized Authority & Centre Of Expertise

We are specialized and focused. Our work has been regionally recognized as a Change Management Center of Expertise. We are proud of our average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 92 provided by our clients & partners upon providing solutions that work best and are enjoyable and scalable too.

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Why The Name?ProClipse

The name 'ProClipse' represents the seamless fusion of 'Professional' and 'Eclipse.

The 'Pro' element means that when clients partner with us, they can expect to work with seasoned professionals who are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals quickly.

The 'Eclipse' part of our name symbolizes the exhilarating and impactful moments we create leaving a lasting AWE effect on our clients-partners every time they witness a ProClipse impact.

The true definition of “Progressive Transformation.

  • We build your competitive edge & propel you from darkness to light in a Professional way: The ProClipse Way!
  • We accompany you to the brighter side of change by transparently sharing our expertise in the services we provide. 
  • We have been driving Change Management in the Middle East for +12 years by implementing international best practices, tools, research & strategies through our local market & industry knowledge & expertise.


With ProClipse, Change Is Good


The ProClipse WayPhases in Stages

We adapted the Prosci 3 phase Process to meet the Middle East specific organizational requirements to achieve our Clients’ respective desired success.

Our Goal

We will pave a path that inspires organizations in the MENA region to increase their capability and fully embrace a culture of Change Management that is sharp, structured and genuinely People Centric by applying all of our values throughout each engagement.


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