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e-Learning For Organizations

e-Learning For Organizations

Our eLearning solutions are currently only available for licensing to organizations and groups.

Everything you need to build change competency in your organization

Master the principles of change management from anywhere in the world. Join our eLearning sessions at your convenience, for practical advice on how to participate in or drive successful change—without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

By licensing Prosci®’s eLearning modules for your organization, you give your employees a library of knowledge they can access anytime. These modules help create a common language for change, support those who lead or are impacted by change, and allow you to scale your change management competency quickly and consistently.

Prosci®’s eLearning modules have been specially developed to accelerate your organization’s change management capability, whether you need specific support for certain roles or a wholesale boost to the change-readiness of your organization.

Contact us about bringing eLearning to your organization.

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