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Licensing Solutions


Let us guide you to adapt Prosci®’s solutions to your organization’s culture and processes.

The Prosci® Licensing solutions give you unlimited access to the Prosci® patented change management tools and methodologies. Plus, you can customize the training materials & align them to you unique corporate culture and change management practices.

Prosci® Licenses offer a cost-effective, scalable approach to change management, with flexible options to meet the needs of your particular stage in your change management journey. It’s everything you need to build change capability at the individual and organizational levels today and in the future.

      Adapt our methodologies to your unique needs and audiences, and customize our training materials with your corporate brand and voice.
      Integrate Prosci's role-based trainings into your employee and leadership development programs, and embed change management into your culture
      Build capability cost-effectively by delivering internal change management training, and benefit from discounts on U.S. open-enrollment programs, published books and reports.


ADKAR® Enablement

Create a common language for change within your organization and embed the Prosci ADKAR Model into how your organization approaches, leads and manages change.

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Organizational Change Competency

Deliver customizable training to build change competencies in everyone from your senior leaders to your front-line associates, and help employees thrive in a changing environment.

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Enterprise Change Management

Gain access to all licensable tools and resources Prosci offers, customize your training programs, and embed change management into your business DNA.

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e-Learning For Organizations

Master the principles of change management from anywhere in the world. Join our eLearning sessions at your convenience, for practical advice on how to participate in or drive successful change—without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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