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Change Management Advisory

Change Management Advisory

Enterprise Change Management Strategy

Through strategies and roadmaps, we will support your adoption of change to become a natural part of your organization’s culture.

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) will be your holistic solution to realize change from strategy & roadmaps to the execution of the capability building.

We will assist you in your project initiative to develop a clear vision that aligns with your strategic goals.

The ECM Strategy, follows the Prosci ECM Methodology. We will guide you in developing the paradigm shift to change readiness by creating pattern change, customizing resources and breaking down the steps into implementation stages (Current, Transition and Future States).

We will enable the integration of Prosci’s Change Management in your culture and embed Prosci’s ADKAR® model in your organization’s approach and management of Change.

This process empowers your organizational change capability, agility and understanding of desired outcomes. For medium to big size projects, a Change Management Office (CMO) should be established to ensure enough support is provided on the ground for your projects’ Portfolio.

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Change Portfolio Landscape Visualization (People Side)

Forward your Change Management strategy now & start building your organizational ability to change for the future.

Simultaneously managing multiple changes across different projects is a challenging endeavor, especially considering how much of an impact a blind spot could have across the organization. We work hand in hand with you to help you visualize your change landscape without losing track of your key objectives. To do so, we help you design your roadmap, define your milestones and identify the potential risks you face in the process.

This structure will act as the launchpad to your transformation, reducing any potential change fatigue you may encounter while providing you with a clear view for improved decision-making and business results.

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish”Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Impact Metrics and Scorecard

The road to your success in implementing change is paved with clear timelines, KPIs, trackers and benchmark data to help you measure what a successful change initiative looks like for your organization. This facilitated workshop will assist you in setting the foundation that can guarantee your desired results on large, complex projects.

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Leverage Coaching of Project Teams

Long-term success will be achieved by ensuring individuals are positively impacted while the organization is undergoing significant change. We help smoothen the transition by coaching your sponsors, project team and change practitioner(s) on a "Must Win” project to build a successful Change Management Strategy, define clear and realistic success metrics, track your performance throughout the implementation from a people’s perspective.

This will accelerate success on high-priority projects while allowing your employees to thrive in the process.

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