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Whether you're steering through crucial changes or enhancing your enterprise's change capabilities, our tailored solutions are designed to propel your organization to success in the realm of change.


Expert Change Management Advisory Services

The goal is to set you up to reap the benefits of your transformation investments. We work with your teams to define your strategy, identify successful metrics and build your capability structure, including a Change Management Office Standup. We will help you design the suitable change roadmap allowing you to understand and manage your change landscape & portfolio and align them to your unique organizational needs.

Our Prosci Advisory Services team seamlessly combines the art and science of change, employing research-based, industry-leading strategies and tools. We specialize in crafting and delivering tailored services that empower you to thrive in change. Additionally, we offer an unparalleled level of change expertise, setting us apart in the industry.

Building a Case for Change

Strategic Alignment Workshops on Future State Definition

Change Management Strategy Definition

Change Maturity Assessments & Audits

ADKAR® Assessments & Plans

Change Management Office Stand-up

Change Portfolio Definition

Strategic Enterprise & Organizational Change Management

Capability & Culture Assessments

Roadmap Designs and Gap Closure Action Plans

On-the-job coaching

Change ManagementAdvisory

In contemporary organizations, achieving desired returns on change projects or initiating crucial changes can be challenging. However, embracing change is essential for continuous improvement. ProClipse Consulting is positioned to maximize the benefits of the changes you invest in by:

Skill Enhancement

Elevating the skills of individuals guiding your employees through change, ensuring a smoother transition.

Project Partnership

Collaborating with you on complex projects, providing additional resources and talent to enhance the likelihood of project success.

Discipline Elevation

Advancing your change management discipline to gain a competitive advantage and assisting you in developing the enterprise capabilities required for success


EnterpriseChange Management Advisory

With Enterprise Change Management (ECM), we assist you in formulating an Enterprise Change Management Strategy, enabling more effective implementation of changes crucial to your organization. Throughout the engagement, we collaborate with your change leaders and practitioners to improve change capabilities across various roles—from change practitioners and sponsors to CMO directors and business leads. By integrating change competencies into the core of your organization, we empower you to consistently and effectively deploy change management, fostering an environment where employees and leaders excel during periods of change.

Building Change Capability & Support

We work with you to build a wholistic, measurable and sustainable internal change-ready organization to make every initiative achievable and realistic. We build these Change capabilities focusing on the 5 wedges of the Enterprise Change Management Strategy Map:

  • Leadership: Building adequate & effective sponsorship. 
  • Project: Treating Change Capability building as a project with clearly defined budgets & ROI 
  • Skills: People training & development requirements. 
  • Structure: Sketching the Change Team structure. 
  • Process: Integrating & embedding Change Management into existing organization processes.

Prepare your organization to change early and avoid uncertainty & resistance leading to project delays, budget overruns, loss of dependable resources and increased risk of not achieving project business results. Get your customized, structured, targeted, and structured Change Management approach.

The Best Way toStay Change-Ready

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