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Whether you're steering through crucial changes or enhancing your enterprise's change capabilities, our tailored solutions are designed to propel your organization to success in the realm of change.


Effective Change Management Deployment

Not witnessing the desired level of adoption in your critical projects? 
ProClipse Consulting has you covered!

The ProClipse Change Management for Organizational Projects and Initiatives is designed to propel your essential, high-value projects to successful completion and attain project ROI. Whether you're at the project initiation stage, in the design and development phase, or actively managing change, ProClipse’ Certified Change Management advisors will partner with your project team, business leads, and sponsors to ensure the success of your project. Throughout the engagement, we collaborate with your team to enhance change capabilities across all roles.

Forward your Change Management Strategy now & start building your organizational ability to change for your Future State.

ProClipse Consulting Change Implementation Services provides you with the full execution team to complement the Change Advisory part . This is an opportunity to engage Certified Prosci Change Management Affiliates and gain access to the latest Change Management research, tools, and methods available. 

ProClipse Consulting’s Change Advisors collaborate with your team to apply Change Management methods to deliver sustainable results by providing expert application of Change Management practices and tools to improve adoption of your changes.


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Some of our tailored Change Management implementation engagements to improve your performance and accelerate project success.

Typical ways to leverage our services include:

  • ProClipse Consulting executes Change Management with you on your projects varying from an individual practitioner to an Enterprise All-encompassing license, we are here to help you find the solution that best fits your needs and size. 
  • Our expert ProClipse Consulting Change advisors assess and help you manage a portfolio of change projects by placing our own advisors, on-site or virtual,  with your selected project(s) team to delivering the pre-agreed results. 
  • ProClipse Consulting provides expert support for building out your CMO and enterprise-wide Change Management capability by taking the lead in preparing your in-house change managers and support some of your strategic projects until your team is ready to take over. 

Change Management ExecutionWe Are Your Dedicated In-House Change Management Execution Partner

Are you planning any of these must-win projects or high-risk initiatives?

Post Mergers & Acquisitions Integration


Adaptation to New Regulations

Cultural Transformation

Change in The Business Model

Big-Ticket Project with a Sizable People-Side Component

Prepare your organization to change early and and avoid uncertainty & resistance leading to project delays, budget overruns, loss of dependable resources and increased risk of not achieving project business results. Get your customized, structured, targeted, and structured Change Management approach.


Change ProjectsPortfolio Management

Change Management is the discipline that guides the preparation, the equipping, and the support of individuals to successfully embrace change and ultimately drive organizational results. It offers a structured approach to facilitate the transition from the current state to the future state within the context of each unique change.

In scenarios where numerous projects or initiatives aim to enhance performance or address key issues, introducing multiple changes simultaneously can lead to challenges. The heightened pace and complexity of changes observed across industries and organizations, affecting processes, job roles, organizational structures, location, compensation, performance metrics, and technology, result in:

  1. Change Saturation: Individuals and organizations experience an overload of changes that surpass their capacity to absorb.
  2. Change Collision: Excessive simultaneous changes create conflicts in terms of timeframe, resources, and mental focus.

At the individual level, the repercussions of change saturation and collision manifest as disengagement, anxiety, confusion, stress, and fatigue.

At the group level, these issues result in a shortage of necessary resources, poor project delivery, and a lack of clear direction from senior leaders. 

On the organizational level, the fallout includes a lack of focus, high turnover, and low morale.

Change saturation occurs when the volume of changes being implemented surpasses the capacity of individuals within an organization to effectively adopt and utilize those changes


This phenomenon is becoming increasingly prevalent, impacting over 73% of respondents in Prosci's most recent Best Practices in Change Management research report. These respondents indicated that their organizations were either approaching, at, or beyond the saturation point.

Accelerate the success of your “Big Ticket” Projects by working with us to expand the ability to adopt the new Change in your organization.

Individual success leads to organizational success. With a renewed motivation and a clear understanding of their contribution’s value, employees can then become helpful allies of the organization’s transformation.

To do so, we assist you to correctly assess risks, map out milestones, deadlines and anticipated gaps. With these in mind, we can also help in providing leaders with the relevant skills, strategies, and tools to readily identify and tackle any potential setbacks within individual roles that can make or break your path to a successful transition.

This Portfolio Management is adaptable and scalable. You are given flexibility in how to use the tool based on your desired outcome making success achievable in any kind of change scenario, type and size of organization.

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