How Organisations Can Develop a Change Mindset for Business Transformation

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“In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”-Warren BuffetBefore any small and medium-sized enterprise can undergo a business transformation, leaders must develop a change mindset to scale-up successfully. When organizations aspire to transform, they generally aim to generate more revenue, expand operations, and gain more customers. However, going full-throttle without a change mindset confuses leaders and is like going into a battle with blindfolded soldiers.

Benefits of a Change Mindset for Business Transformation and Scale-Up

Most organizations who take business transformation topics seriously aren’t good at execution. This is because they forget that, to achieve this and scale-up their business, they have to stop doing some things and redefine the way they get things done. And this is how the first step in a successful scale-up.

As a business leader, your job is to foster self-generated insight from your team and not provide all the answers. Why is this relevant?

Because the most important part of business transformation is to ensure that everyone is on board the change wagon. But before you announce your ambitions, you must develop a change mindset yourself to inspire others.

To successfully develop a change mindset and scale-up through business transformation, here are a few things you need:

1. A Solid Business Case for Change

This answers all the “why?” questions and lays the foundation for planning the required activities to deliver change. People are more likely to develop a change mindset if they understand the need for change? As part of an effective approach towards successful scale-up, organizations should make their planning as transparent as possible. This way, all departments will be able to play their part knowingly.

2. Public Accountability

You need someone ready to sacrifice their reputation to get behind you and ensure you deliver what was promised in the case for change. This person becomes the role model for everyone during the business transformation by initiating the changing culture.

3. A Strong Team

Business transformation is not possible without your team collaborating to deliver value as quickly as possible to satisfy customer needs and your ambitions. As you scale-up, you’ll likely need more staff, and your relationship with them might not be as strong as with your initial team members. So, your original team will need to lead the new generation of members in your organization.

4. A Leadership-Driven Growth Culture

As a business leader, you must define a change and growth culture. When everyone commits to the new norms within your organization, they are more likely to see its future as their own.

5. A Governance Framework

When organizations build a governance structure using their business transformation journey, they build resilience within departments, which is important for a successful transformation.

6. Summary

Organizations should transform themselves and find their true potential. Any kind of business transformation requires a change mindset within the organization. Get in touch with a trained consultant who will serve as a role model and coaches you and your team members by preparing them to scale up and build the resilience required for business transformation.

Written By Talal I. El-Assaad