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Free Change Management Guides

An Introduction to Change Management Guide (eBook)

The data is clear, even when organizational changes meet technical requirements and milestones, they can still fail to deliver results and benefits. What’s missing? Change Management.

Organizations that embrace Change Management are more likely to achieve project objectives, stay on or ahead of schedule, and stay on or under budget.

Download this guide to learn:
  • What Change Management is and why it matters
  • How applying Change Management increases project success by supporting individuals
  • What successful Change Management looks like across organizations

The Prosci ADKAR® Overview (eBook)

This guide will accelerate your understanding of the Prosci ADKAR® Model and its application for personal and organizational changes.

This guide:
  • Walks you through each of the five elements of successful change
  • Provides examples of the ADKAR® Model in action
  • Ends with a quick exercise so you can start to put the model into action in your own life or work

The ADKAR® Model simplifies change by providing a simple, structured framework and a common language to manage and talk about it. Learn more about the ADKAR® Model and how you can apply it!


Elevate Change Success - Prosci Methodology and Tools Enhancements

We are excited to share that Prosci made important enhancements to its Methodology to a number of processes, models, assessments and tools to elevate practitioner and project success.

Though change is getting harder, Prosci’s industry-leading research and elegantly simple solutions are making Change Management easier.

Read the eBook to learn:
  • What's changing and why Prosci made these enhancements
  • How Prosci worked with change practitioners to determine what needed to be improved
  • The seven key enhancements that Prosci made
  • What digital tools Prosci added and improved to make your Change Management plans actionable

3 Peaks on the Ascent to Enterprise Change Management Success

Bringing successful enterprise Change Management to your organization is like a journey through mountain terrain with peaks and valleys along the way. To reach the final summit—and make Change Management integral to your business—you may need to change the way you approach change. Don’t be discouraged! To find the direction you need and keep moving toward your goals, ask yourself the right questions at each peak.


Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition Executive Summary

Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management - 11th Edition compiles 22 years of industry-leading research from change managers, project leaders and executives across the globe into the largest body of Change Management research to date.

This edition presents emerging trends in change management, changes that have occurred, and the future direction of the discipline.

Download the 13-page executive summary for research highlights on:
  • The current state of Change Management
  • Change management application
  • Roles in Change Management
  • Adapting Change Management and aligning it with other functions

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