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Employee Experience For The Hybrid Workplace

Jul. 7, 2021

Ramsha Sabir

Employee Experience For The Hybrid Workplace

Humans crave contact as we are herd animals by nature - the same values drive a work environment. A successful work environment not only utilizes the employee’s skills, but also actively involves them in the workplace goals and strategies. It boils down to the experiences that an individual has while at work. Unfortunately, COVID has given a new meaning to workplace integration. Teams are no longer interacting under one roof, but rather managing virtual collaboration, and at times not even seeing each other’s faces for weeks. Employees are unable to gain the experience of being part of a corporate entity in person, and are now limited to virtual communication, posing a tremendous strain on necessary work relationships that are essential for a productive work environment.


Corporate culture sets the tone of comfort an employee will experience, hence creating an impression in their minds, translates into brand identity. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on ensuring a smooth journey for your staff. The term "internal clients” fits perfectly; your employees are your first-ever clients!

Businesses are constantly searching for the right talent through competitive packages and a variety of benefits. "Employee Experience” aka the manner in which a person is treated throughout employment, starting from the hiring process up to the last working day, is extremely important as it immensely affects the way the company’s brand is perceived in the market. Let’s face it, employees talk!

It is critical to make this journey as smooth and enriching as possible, but how can companies achieve that when the engagement level has decreased to almost zero?


The first rule of business is to ensure happy clients. The workforce is the company’s internal client as employees are the ambassadors representing the brand in the market. A few small details can make your team’s experience a pleasant one, which not only helps improve the employees’ performances but also raise a company’s performance tremendously. A study conducted by Camille Preston for Forbes found that happy employees are 20% more productive. In the sales department specifically, the impact of happiness was even greater as sales improved by 37%*. The efforts required from the employer’s side are so small in comparison to the benefits they can reap.

  • Onboarding
    • Meet n Greet – Introduce them to the team properly (video calls) or organize a team lunch if possible.
    • Welcome Packs – Small items such as business cards, diaries, company logo pens and mugs, laptops or even water bottles can be couriered to the newcomers at home a day before they join the team.
    • Virtual Buddy – Tag at least one individual with them who can guide them across the corporate culture

  • Talent Retention
    • Stay Connected – try to have at least one video call a day (even 15 min) in order to enhance motivation.
    • Keep Them Posted – it is critical to make your new joiners feel like they are part of your team; you can use various platforms like WhatsApp, email, video calls, or simply audio calls.
    • Appreciation – This cannot be emphasized enough! Simple verbal praise can improve the motivation and productivity levels tremendously.
    • Growth – Provide sufficient opportunity through job rotation, trainings, mentoring and career development plans.
    • Transparency – Involve your employees in the strategic visions - be transparent and let them know your goals. You may end up with even better ideas.

  • Offboarding
    • Exit Interviews – Be sure to find out what triggered the exit. Work on improvement of the mentioned reasons in order to avoid them in the future.
    • End of Service – You don’t want your employees feeling angry during the last step of their journey with you, so be quick and fair.
    • Experience Letter – No one should have to ask for this. Offer to provide recommendations if ever needed.

These are just a few of the ways you can drastically improve employee experiences, which goes a long way in the success of your business. Happy employees equal a prosperous workplace. After all, your biggest assets are your "Human Resources”, so make sure you treat them well.

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Article written by Ramsha Sabir – Head of HR Consulting

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