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What is Change Management?

Change Management is a comprehensive & intentional process that supports individuals who seek change from the early stages of formation all the way to successful change implementation.

As put by Prosci®, Change Management is the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired business outcome.

Empirical research proves that certain actions must be adopted to realize the desired change. Change Management equips your people with the tools needed to make a progression towards your successful transition from their current states to their own future states.

  • Change Management is a Process: A holistic set of tools along with a repeatable structure utilized to successfully achieve the desired change.
  • and
  • Change Management is a Competency: Change Management equips leaders with a set of skills that builds strategic capability to increase organizational efficiency.

Why Change Management?

Never before has change been so fast in the world of organizations. Build your organizational agility to guarantee Project success. To realize that agility, as PMI’s whitepaper highlights – build a trilateral practice to reshape your culture & business practices:

Change Management Increases the Likelihood of Success

People who bring changes to their day-to-day work are the cornerstones of organizations. Your goal is to ingrain the idea of change in individual’s mindsets and attitudes then arm them with tools and processes that help them embrace and adopt these changes.

Applying Change Management correctly is key to achieving desired outcomes & goals.

Three Levels of Change Management

Individual Change Management

Prosci’s ADKAR® Model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) is what individuals need to smoothly make their transitions.

Project, Program or Initiative-based Change Management

Project Management & Change Management work symbiotically to create successful project outcomes.

On one hand Project Management offers the design, development & delivery of solutions and on the other, Change Management focuses on how people engage, adopt and use that solution.

The process bridges the gap between individual Change Management and organizational Change Management as explained in the Prosci 3-Phase Process.

Enterprise Change Management Capability

When Change Management becomes part of the culture of an Enterprise, people learn to embrace it and use it efficiently. This leads to agile organizations that respond quickly to constantly changing market dynamics, to embrace strategic initiatives and adopt them faster while creating competitive advantage with less productivity impact.

Enterprise Change Management

Grow your change capabilities at the individual and enterprise levels with unlimited access to Prosci's world-class tools, methodologies and training materials.

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) offers several choices to assist your Change Management needs of the particular stage of your Change Management journey. It’s your solution to build change capability at all levels, the individual and the organizational.

Adapt Prosci’s solutions to your organization’s culture and processes:

  • Customized: Prosci’s methodologies & training materials can be adopted to your specific requirements with your corporate brand and voice.
  • Integrated: Change Management will become part of your enterprise culture.
  • Scalable: Costs can be reduced through internal Change Management Training
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